Saturday, August 06, 2011

Story Epidemiology

Amazingly, people still believe that "Austerity Measures" are the proper response to government debt. Once we translate "Austerity Measures" as "make sure the government does nothing for the population" we see that the proper response to debt is, instead, to stop spending money on things that help nobody: limitless free money for the financial sector, welfare for large multinational corporations, huge profit margins for the medical industry, and vast militarism for the arms and oil industries. The government has been simply bought by these overt and powerful interests. Everyone knows that. But, somehow, the obviously false narratives invented by the minions of wealth and power, and broadcast on commercial news, are still believed.

It takes almost no effort to trace and find the origins of the propaganda of the rich and powerful. Although it should be done, probably even automatically, as suggested in this blog over the years, I don't believe it would even begin to change the current situation.

People are rarely getting enough coherent information to make solid judgments about the domestic situation. They are overwhelmed, and have decreasing time to study the problem, let alone to determine a protest strategy.

Instead, pro-people analysts need to make one incontrovertible point at a time, so listeners can use these points as needles to unravel the complex misinformation around them.

The first point is: aggressive corporate powers own your government, and are doing a good job of turning the US into a colony, after having done it to most of the world.

The solution? It's pretty simple ... organize a million people to sit non-violently around each of the bureaus of power, government bodies like the IMF and the Federal Reserve, corporations like Merck and Pfizer, "food" companies like ADM, banks like BofA and Wells Fargo, and all of Wall Street ... to stop these places from functioning. Almost every employee in these buildings will be very happy not to go to work.


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