Monday, July 17, 2006

Automatic recognition and generation

Just as easily as the US press distributes "establishment wisdom" (or spin) we can recognize it.

Take Google News on the Mexican election. Here are the headlines:

* Calderon Readies New Mexico Government

Washington Post - 50 minutes ago
By E. EDUARDO CASTILLO. MEXICO CITY -- The top vote getter in Mexico's presidential election said Monday he has begun working on his new government, even though the country's electoral court has yet to declare a winner in the disputed race. ...

* Mexico’s leftwing candidate threatens unrest (Financial Times)
* Lopez Obrador fills the streets as marchers demand a recount (Oxford Press)

It's almost a perfect gradient. The US press calls Calderon the top "vote getter" when, in fact, that's in serious dispute. The business press worries about unrest. The non-US press headlines the actual dispute (the stolen election debate).

Here's an academic suggestion:

It seems like we could automate the recognition of the "diminishing influence effect" (probably inversely geometric or inversely exponential) after "talking point" generating events.


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