Tuesday, May 02, 2006

South America & Web 2.0

Morales, the first indigenous president in modern South America, is taking Bolivia back from the foreign interests that have stolen it.

In Venezuela, nearly 100,000 new, small, local co-operative busisnesses have been created since Chavez took office, in a people-and-nature oriented policy known as endogenous development.

Argentina has just become the first country to free itself from the destructive pro-US policies of the hideous IMF.

There are similar movements in Peru, Uraguay, Ecuador, Brazil ...

Hopefully Columbia, suffering the most from US brutality, will soon free itself.

South America is, for the first time, leading the world in a democratic, populist rebellion against the destructive profit-centric forces of international development.

I don't see any revoluntionary Web 2.0 webapps that are specifically involved in this revolution. Isn't that a little strange? Shouldn't they be, I dunno, a bit more mutually supportive? The goals, after all, are pretty similar: Save the planet.


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