Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Colbert I'd really like to see

Of course Stephen Colbert's in-your-face satire, standing four feet from Bush, was both brilliant and ballsy. Mark Twain would have given him a standing ovation.

But I think it could have been ... more. If I could perform as well as Colbert, here's some additions to the script I would have made:


I'd like to excoriate, and eviscerate, those treasonous "citizens" who say that Bush is a war criminal. Can you imagine? Those "critics" say that "invasion" is the surpreme international crime, and they make not-so-subtle comparisons between our lovable president [salutes] and Adolf Hitler. Can you imagine? They say: "Germans hanged at Nuremburg for invading other nations" ... which means that these traitors are implicitly threatening our commander-in-chief! Itself a crime! I think we need to stop tolerating this hate speech, and send a special forces squadron after these people, now, before they go too far.


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