Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Not now? You're kidding ...

Powerful politicians plead "hey, no politics now. No investigations or accusations or blame, now. We're all in this together. Let's get to work. We'll investigate problems later."

Sheesh. The problems are happening now. They've been happening.They will continue to happen without immediate, hurricane-strength investigation. FEMA as a control organization is not concerned with helping people, and this is a political issue of tremendous magnitude.

I don't mean the emergency workers themselves: I mean the mission of FEMA the organization. It's supposed to maintain control. It didn't let the Red Cross in the city. It didn't let the Cuban doctors into the city. It didn't let Wal-Mart into the city with bottled water. FEMA even threatened to kill rescuers risking their lives in boats trying to help people.

The empire doesn't care about people. Th emperors are very good at 'acting' like humanitarians. Don't let power re-write your thinking about "what is reasonable". Question authority. Now.


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